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  Kelas : 3, Ujian Nasional/Sekolah (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 2019)

Questions refer to the following notice.

1.   What is the purpose of the notice ?
A.To warn men to smoke in the area.
B.To make the area free from children.
C.To keep the area free from kids.
D.To keep the area healthy for children.

2.   What would probably happen if people obey the notice ?
A.The tobacco will be in free zone.
B.The kids are in other zone.
C.The air will be cleaner and healthier.
D.The kids will be in a free zone.

          Nowadays museum becomes a great and valuable tourist object. There are many museums in Indonesia, one of which is the Aceh Tsunami Museum. It is located on Jalan Iskandar Muda Street, Aceh. The Museum building has adopted the traditional raised Aceh House.
          Stepping inside, one will find a narrow corridor with water flowing from either side accompanied by a scary rumbling sound, reminding us of the devastations made by the 2004 tsunami. The Museum also features an electronic simulation of the Indian Ocean earthquake, pictures of the casualties, and stories and testimonies of survivors.
          The museum has two floors. The first floor is an open space area which serves as a reminder of the tsunami disaster. The second floor features educational media including a library, simulation rooms, 4D room, and a souvenirs shop. Some of the simulations is shown here are an earthquake resistant building and a model of the earth's crust. There is also a room displaying tsunami disaster paintings and a diorama.

(Adapted from http://www.indonesia.travel/en)

3.   What is the topic of the text ?
A.The development of the Aceh Tsunami Museum.
B.Inside parts of the Aceh Tsunami Museum.
C.The description of the Aceh Tsunami Museum.
D.The traditional architecture of the Aceh Tsunami Museum.

4.   On the second floor of the museum, visitors can .......
A.feel the real tsunami
B.help the tsunami victim
C.see how the tsunami happened
D.learn about how tsunami occurs

5.   What is the main idea of the last paragraph ?
A.There are many disaster paintings and diorama.
B.The two floors of the museum inform us about tsunami in detail.
C.There are some facilities for education in the museum.
D.There are many pictures about the victims of tsunami.

          Sangiran is an interesting place for scientific tourism in the field of geology, anthropology, and archaeology. Many experts come to this site to do research and studies. There is no other place in the world like Sangiran. The Sangiran fossils are very various. These fossils used to be flora and fauna from the earth surface and the sea. There was a possibility that the island of Java was appeared from the bottom of sea million years ago. The villagers ofSangiran are making souvenirs from stones such as the statues, axes, eggs, rings, etc to promote local tourism.

(Adapted from http://www.indonesia-tourism.com)

6.   Many archaeologists visit Sangiran ....... they want to do their research and study.
D.only if

Dear Bram,

CONGRATS on taking home the Best Art award tonight! It makes me so happy to see you thrive in art class. I have every bit of faith in you that you will only continue to excel in the years to come.



7.   We are informed from the text that ........
A.Bram's teacher awarded him a medal.
B.Bram defeated everyone in his art class.
C.Bram's success became the family pride.
D.Bram's mother saluted him on the art achievement.

8.   Why was the text above written to Bram ?
A.Bram was the best student in his class.
B.Bram took home the Art Award at night.
C.Bram got the best Art Award in the art class.
D.Bram already made his mother proud of him.

          Commodore Yosaphat Yos Sudarso (24 November 1925 - 15 January 1962) was an Indonesian naval officer who was killed at the Battle of Arafura Sea. At the time of his death, Yos Sudarso was deputy chief of staff of lndonesian Navy and he was in charge of the action to infiltrate Dutch New Guinea.
          The Battle near Etna Bay of the Arafura Sea stopped an attempt by the Indonesian Navy to drop off 150 soldiers in Kaimana in Dutch New Guinea to provoke the local people against the Dutch. Sudarso was in charge of the operation at sea. Three torpedo boats left the Aru Islands in the middle of the night but were stopped by a Dutch plane, as the Dutch warship anticipated the action for weeks. The Dutch Evertsen ship then joined and sank the KRI Macan Tutul, commanded by Sudarso. The other two ships -Macan Kumbang and Harimau- escaped, but one hit a reef and the other was shot. The Evertsen warship was able to save most occupants of the Macan Tutul, but at least three sailors died, among Macan Tutul and Harimau whom was commodore Sudarso. Before his death, he cried out the fighting spirit.
          The action itself was a failure, but it opened new ways to free the Dutch New Guinea. The battle is now commemorated as Sea Sacrifice Day in Indonesia, an annual nationwide day of remembrance. Twelve years after his death, Yos Sudarso was officially awarded the title of lndonesian national hero.

(Adapted from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yos_Sudarso)

9.   What is the topic of the text ?
A.The fail attempt of an Indonesian sea operation.
B.Yos Sudarso's life and his services to Indonesia.
C.The history of the Sea Sacrifice Day.
D.Yos Sudarso lifetime achievements.

10.   What was the goal of the operation led by Yos Sudarso ?
A.To transfer soldiers to Kaimana.
B.To boost the soldiers fighting spirit.
C.To shoot down the Dutch Evertsen ship.
D.To open new ways to free the Dutch New Guinea.

11.   What did Evertsen crew members do after they sank KRI Macan Tutul ?
A.They let all the sailors in KRI Macan Tutul drown.
B.They sent torpedoes to disable the other two ships.
C.They tried to save the passengers of KRI Macan Tutul.
D.They opened new ways to free the Dutch New Guinea.

12.   "KRI Macan Tutul and Harimau escaped, ... " (paragraph 2) The underlined word is closed to the meaning to .......
C.ran away

13.   Having anticipated for lndonesian's sea operation for weeks, the Dutch held ....... Indonesian torpedo boats near Etna Bay.

                                BISMARCK - HENNING Jr. HIGH
                                               MAY 23rd, 2018

All students who are going on the field trip tomorrow morning, please leave your belongings in your locker and gather in the front lobby at 09:00 a.m. All you need is a bottle of water and your extra money.
All students are responsible for making up any school work that will be missed that day.

14.   The announcement is written with the purpose to .......
A.inform the students what to do for the field trip
B.tell the student to be prepared at the lobby
C.describe the students' responsibility on the field trip
D.inform the students the rules for the field trip

15.   Students have an obligation to .......
A.report to their teachers their school work
B.do their assignments as soon as they arrive at school
C.put all their things in the locker before leaving for the trip
D.take back their things from their locker when getting back to school

          A young lion prince was born in Africa to the Lion King, Mufasa. His parents named him Simba. Simba's birth made his uncle, Scar, the second in line to the throne. His presence made his cruel uncle envious that he had a bad idea to destroy them. Scar plotted with the hyenas to kill King Mufasa and Prince Simba, to make himself a king.
          The decision day came at last. The King was killed and Simba was led to believe that it was his fault that the king was murdered. This left the kingdom in shame. Simba felt guilty about his father death so that he decided to live in exile.
          While the uncle ruled with iron hands, the Prince grew up beyond the Savannah, living by a philosophy "leave no worries for the rest of your days". Simba and his friends sang a song entitled "Hakuna Matata", a Swahili phrase from Kenya which roughly means "no worries to any problems," whenever they face difficulties.
          When his past came to haunt him, the young Prince had to decide his fate: would he remain an outcast, or face his demons and become what he needed to be? After years in exile, he was persuaded to return home to bring down Scar and claimed the kingdom as his own, completing the "Circle of Life" with the help of his friends, Timon and Pumbaa. Eventually, righteous defeated evil. Simba succeeded to take over the Kingdom from his uncle and became the king. He was a wise king just like his father.

16.   This text is mainly about ........
A.the evil plant of Scar's
B.the battle of Simba and Scar
C.the downfall of Scar
D.the prince Simba

17.   Which characteristic best describes Simba ?

18.   The underlined word in ".... he was persuaded to return home to bring down .... " in paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to .......

          Dorothy Hodgkin was a British chemist. She was born on May 12, 1910, in Cairo, Egypt. Her determination to study the structure of penicillin and vitamin brought her the 1964 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Her work on critical discoveries of the structure of both penicillin and later insulin led to significant improvements in health care.
          Dorothy Hodgkin was the eldest of four sisters whose parents worked in North Africa and the Middle East as archaeologists. She was sent to England for her education, therefore she spent much of her childhood away from her parents. But it was her mother who especially encouraged Hodgkin to pursue her interest in crystals that she first displayed at age 10.
          Dorothy Hodgkin studied at a state secondary school in the small town of Suffolk. She fought to be allowed to study science along with the boys. She succeeded and was later accepted in 1928 to pursue a degree in chemistry at University of Oxford. She was one of the first scientists who studied the structure ofan organic compound by using X-ray crystallography.
          An Australian pathologist, Howard Florey, who shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology on Medicine with Alexander Fleming and his colleagues at Oxford succeeded in isolating penicillin. He asked Hodgkin to solve its structure. By l945 she did her job. Hodgkin's work on penicillin was recognized by the Royal Society, Britain's premier scientific academy, in 1947. That was only two years after a woman had been elected for the first time.

(source: https://www.britannica.com/)

19.   What had Dorothy Hodgkin done to get the Nobel Prize ?
A.Living away from her parents with her sisters on her childhood.
B.Studying crystals she displayed at age l0.
C.Working on the structure of an organic compound.
D.Solving the structure of penicillin and vitamin.

20.   Where did Dorothy and the boys study science ?
A.In Britain's premier scientific academy.
B.At a state secondary school in Suffolk.
C.At a state secondary school in North Africa.
D.At University of Oxford.

21.   "He asked Hodgkin to solve its structure." (last paragraph)
The underlined word refers to .......
A.organic compound
B.x-ray crystallography

22.   ".... who especially encouraged Hodgkin to pursue her interest ...." (paragraph 2) The underlined word closest in meaning to .......

Dear Hanna,

Can you pick me up? I have just landed safely at the airport. I am on my way to take my luggage.

I will be waiting in the passenger lounge.

Thanks, dear.

Your Mom

23.   Why does Mom send the message ?
A.To ask Hanna to pick her up.
B.To tell Hanna about her luggage.
C.To inform Hanna about the plane.
D.To describe the passenger lounge.

24.   Hanna's mother sent the message while she was .......
A.landing in the airport
B.walking to take the luggage
C.waiting at the lounge
D.keeping her luggage

Questions refer to the following text

25.   The function of the text is .......
A.to persuade the readers to buy the product
B.to provide detailed information about the product
C.to inform about the expired date of the product
D.to give instructions about how to cook the product

26.   We can assume that the product is .......
A.healthy food
B.junk food
C.fresh food
D.dietary food

                                       Takatuliang, the Woodcarver

          Long time ago, on the island of Simbau, in the Celebes Sea, lived a king and his beautiful daughter. Not only was the princess beautiful, but she was also wise and kind.
          Many princes wanted to marry the king's daughter and this made the king confused. He, then, announced a contest. Whoever presented the princess with the most valuable gift would marry her.
          Takatuliang, a poor woodcarver, wanted to join the contest, but he was so poor that he had nothing to present. Then, he went far into the forest. There he chose the best tree and carved it into a doll. Next, he took an old piece of cloth and sewed it into a dress for the doll. After that, he cut his own hair and glued it to the doll's head.
          On the contest day, all of the princes gathered before the king and the princess. One by one, they presented their gifts: diamonds, silk, gold, jewelry, and other expensive gifts. Then came Takatuliang's turn.
          "What do you have?" asked the princess.
          "I bring only a doll," said Takatuliang softly.
          "How many dolls like this do you have?" asked the princess again.
          "Only this one. I carved it myself and decorated it with my own hair and my father's old cloth. He already died and this is the only thing he left for me," answered Takatuliang.
          The princess was very touched to hear Takatuliang's story. She decided to marry Takatuliang because he had presented everything he had. Together, Takatuliang and the princess lived happily ever after.

27.   What can we learn from the story above ?
A.We should relax and take things easily.
B.We must do your best with whatever you have.
C.We need to be rich to win a competition.
D.We must give your valuables to get what you want.

28.   Why did Takatuliang carve a doll as a gift ?
A.That was the only thing that he could do.
B.He was a poor wood carver.
C.His father told him to do it.
D.He found the best tree in the forest.

29.   to marry  because  the wood carver  was touched  she  the princess
       1            2                 3                       4            5         6
by his sincerity   decided
          7                   8
The best arrangement of the words to make a sentence is .......

          Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) is one of the Australia's unique animals that have pockets (marsupials) like a kangaroo. The name of Koala comes from the aboriginal language which means "not drinking". It is because Koala rarely drinks water. They rely on water contained in eucalyptus leaves. They can be found along the eastern coast of Australia from Adelaide to Cape York Peninsula. They can also be found far inside the jungle. They live in areas which have enough rainfalls.
          They have a distinctive body shape. They have thick and soft fur and wide cars. They also have large claws for climbing trees. The body weight is different from one another. For example, the males can reach 14 kg, while the females in the northern part weight only 5 kg.
          They spend all their time at the top of the tree. They are quiet animals and do not like a fuss. They spend 20 hours each day to sleep. However, during the mating season, they become more active. Even the males can emit a loud sound and can be heard up to a radius of 1 km.
          In the wild, they only eat eucalyptus leaves. They contain low protein phenolic and terpene compounds. These compounds can be toxic to other animals. However, they can neutralize those toxins in their heart. They usually eat at night because during the day, they always fall asleep. They generally spend about 500 grams of eucalyptus leaves per day. They will chew it till smooth before swallowing it.

30.   What is the text about ?
A.A general description of Koalas.
B.The physical appearance of Koalas.
C.The daily behaviour of Koalas.
D.An Explanation of Koalas' life.

31.   How can Koala survive although they seldom drink ?
A.They have pockets to keep water.
B.They get water from eucalyptus leaves.
C.They consume water at the top of the tree.
D.They like sleeping so they do not get thirsty easily.

32.   What is the main idea of paragraph 4 ?
A.Eucalyptus leaves contain dangerous compounds.
B.Koalas prevent their bodies from toxins in eucalyptus leaves.
C.Koalas only eat eucalyptus leaves during the night.
D.Koalas have a unique eating habit.

33.   The text tells us about koalas in terms of which of the following ?
A.Fur, habitat, activity, and diet.
B.Habitat, food, weight, and activity.
C.Native, reproduction, diet, and species.
D.Habitat, body shape, diet, and habit.

34.   The underlined word in "Even the males can emit a loud sound ..... (paragraph 3)" is closest in meaning to ........

How to Upload Video to YOUTUBE using Your Mobile Phone
(1) Open your video using video player on your device.
(2) Press the SHARE button. Find the SHARE button on your device.
(3) Select YOUTUBE from SHARE menu. Press the YOUTUBE button to
      share your video. You may need to sign in if necessary.
(4) Give it a title. Type a descriptive and interesting title for your video.
(5) Describe the video. Explain a short description about the video.
(6) Tag the video. Add tags in order to make the video appear in other viewers' searches.
(7) Select the privacy setting. Choose whether the video will be uploaded publicly,
      privacy or unlisted.
(8) Click the Upload or Publish setting. Once you have your privacy setting and
     description set, upload the video by clicking the Publish or Upload button.

35.   If we can do all in the text successfully, we will be able to .......
A.download our video easily from our mobile phones
B.upload our video through the internet
C.install youtube on mobile phone
D.publish video to youtube from handphone

36.   What should you do to modify the privacy settings of your video ?
A.Adjust the advanced setting.
B.Choose the privacy setting.
C.Click the publish setting.
D.Enter the video details.

37.   ....... publish the video, we have to click the privacy setting.

          Many years ago, the sea tasted like ordinary rainwater so it was tasteless. The people living in the islands did not have salt for their food but, luckily, they knew about a friendly giant who kept mounds of salt in his cave. People would cross the ocean with their boats to reach the giant's island, and that was how they were able to bring salt back to their villages in order to prepare more delicious meals.
          One day the ocean was quite rough for several days so they could not sail out to gather salt. They eventually ran out of salt and the villagers could no longer enjoy their tasteless meals. They wondered how they could get salt again. A child suggested them to ask the giant to stretch out his legs over the ocean so that they could walk on his legs to his island. The kind-hearted giant agreed, and the villagers with empty salt sacks walked along the giant's legs.
          Unfortunately, the giant's feet landed on an ant hill, and the dangerous red ants started biting his enormous legs. The giant felt hurt, but they still managed to arrive at the giant's island to get the salt. On their way back home, the giant asked the people to hurry up, but the heavy salt sacks slowed them down.
          Before the villagers could make it back to their island, the giant cried out and push his ant-bitten feet into the ocean. All the packed salt fell into the plain-water sea and dissolved. The giant saved the people from drowning, but no one was able to get the spilled salt again. From that day, the sea became salty.

(adapted from: http://whisperingbooks.com/Phillipine tales/)

38.   What does the text tell us about ?
A.Why a giant is friendly to people.
B.Who the native of the sea was.
C.How to get salt from the sea.
D.Why the sea is salty.

39.   What is the main idea of paragraph 4 ?
A.The villagers dropped the salt into the sea.
B.The dropping of the salt into the sea made sea water salty.
C.The giant could no longer stand the ants' bite.
D.The giant saved the people but not their salt sacks.

40.   Why did the giant pull his foot off and put it into the ocean ?
A.His feet was full of villagers.
B.His feet was loaded with sacks of salt.
C.His feet was bitten by dangerous ants.
D.He felt tired of stretching out his feet.

Sun Cereal

Do you have no time for breakfast in the morning? Get Sun Cereal, pour hot water on it, and that's all! You will have a bowl of nutritious breakfast! Sun Cereal is absolutely for you who are always busy in the morning. Now you can prepare a nutritious breakfast for the whole family in less than 5 minutes.

Sun Cereal contains nourishing ingredients such as: Protein Carbohydrate Calcium, Vitamins A, B, C and D.

Hurry Up and Grab Sun Cereal. Do not let time take away your breakfast.

(Taken from: http://www.belajarbahasainggrisku.com)

41.   What is the writer's intention in writing the text ?
A.To persuade people to buy Sun Cereal.
B.To tell how to make nutritious breakfast.
C.To promote the nourishing ingredient.
D.To give information about the product.

42.   We know from the text that sun Cereal is ........ food.

43.   The underlined word, "Hurry Up and Grab Sun Cereal" in last paragraph in the text, is closest in meaning to .......

          Walt Disney World or simply known as Disney World is located near Orlando, Florida. It has been assumed as the original Disneyland and considered as the iconic American entertainment destination. A statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse in front of Cinderella's Castle welcomes you. It is certainly the most-visited entertainment resort on earth, with an annual attendance of about 47 million people. It is also the largest, covering 30,080 acres or 47 square miles, twice the size of Manhattan.
          The resort is comprised of multiple parks, each with a unique theme. Magic Kingdom, the first theme park built at the resort, has rides, shows and attractions divided among seven fantasy areas. This is the place to find all your favorite Disney characters and attractions. Then, Epcot is divided into two areas: Future World and World Showcase. The attractions in Future World are based on modern and futuristic advances in communication, transportation, energy, agriculture and much more. World Showcase allows you to explore culture, cuisine, shopping and entertainment from many countries. At Epcot you can travel around the world without leaving the resort.
          The Disney-MGM Studios offers behind-the-scenes looks at the making of movies and popular TV shows and provides live original shows. There are also a number of exciting rides and attractions based on blockbuster movies, which provide fascinating stunts and amazing special effects. The newest and largest is Animal Kingdom, a 500-acre park that is divided into three areas: The Real, The Mythical and The Extinct. The Real area features live animals in exotic landscapes and provides a safari-like experience. In The Mythical area, guests come face-to-face with magical and make believe creatures. In the Extinct Area, dinosaurs come to life.
          Compared to any other Disney's resorts such as Disneyland California, Disneyland Paris or the new Disneyland Tokyo, Disney World in Orlando, Florida is still the best. All other Disney resorts consist of a single theme park and are quite small compared to the massive resort complex in Florida. This resort is referred as Disney World or Walt Disney World. The other parks are usually called Disneyland. The size and diversity of the Disney World resort ensures that it will probably remain the number one vacation destination in the world for years to come.

44.   The text mostly tells the readers .......
A.the physical appearance of Walt Disney
B.the historical facts of Walt Disney
C.the description of Disney World
D.the attractions in Disneyland

45.   Which of the following option best describes its Disney character's features ?
A.The thrilling rides and attractions of animals in the Epcot.
B.The attraction popular TV shows and fantasy areas in the Epcot.
C.The shows and attractions of Disney's characters in Magic Kingdom.
D.The exhibitions of living dinosaurs in the Mythical Area of Animal Kingdom.

46.   Disneyland Florida is considered the massive resort complex ....... its size.
A.in spite of
B.due to
C.next to
D.by way of

Adiba  : Hi Rani, I've got good news!
Ranita : What is it?
Adiba  : I had a story telling contest in Makassar last week. I won!
Ranita : Are you serious? Oh my God, I can't believe it.
Adiba  : Of course, I am.
Ranita : I heard it was a very competitive contest in our country.
Adiba  : Yes, it was. My rivals were very good and confident. Their English was awesome.
Ranita : Great, congratulations. You have no idea how happy I am for you.
Adiba  : Thanks, I appreciate that.
Ranita : I believe that you are the best as always.
Adiba  : How nice of you to say that. Now, let's have lunch on my treat.
Ranita : With great pleasure, dear.

47.   What is discussed in the conversation ?
A.Good news.
B.Winning a contest.
C.Story telling.
D.Someone's treat.

48.   We know from the conversation that the competition was .......

          Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (also called Madiba) was born on July 18, 1918, in Mvezo, South Africa and died on December 5, 2013. In Johannesburg. He was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary and politician who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, the first black South African to hold the office, and the first elected in a fully representative, multiracial election.
          Mandela was born to the Thembu royal family. He attended Fort Hare University and the University of Witwatersrand where he studied law. After the Afrikaner nationalists of the National Party came to power in 1948 and began implementing the policy of apartheid, a system of racial segregation, he rose to importance in the African National Congress's 1952 Defiance Campaign. Working as a lawyer, he was repeatedly arrested for provocative activities and, with the ANC leadership, was prosecuted in the Treason Trial from 1956 to 1961 but was found not guilty. Although at first committed to non-violent protest, he was arrested in 1962. He was convicted of sabotage and conspiracy to bring down the government, and sentenced to life imprisonment in the Rivonia Trial.
          An international campaign lobbied for his release, which was granted in 1990 after 27 years of imprisonment. Becoming ANC President, Mandela led negotiations with President F.W. de Klerk to put an end apartheid and establish multi-racial elections in 1994; in which he led the ANC to victory. He was elected President and formed a Government of National Unity. As President, he established a new constitution and started the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate past human rights abuses, while introducing policies to encourage land reform, combat poverty and expand healthcare services.

(Adapted from: https://www.britannica.com/biography/Nelson-Mandela)

49.   The text mainly discusses .......
A.Nelson Mandela's hard life
B.Nelson Mandela's strong characters
C.the struggle of Nelson Mandela for anti apartheidism
D.Nelson Mandela's successful presidency

50.   We know from the text that Mandela was punished to life imprisonment because he .......
A.wanted to become the president of South Africa
B.was violently protested and sabotaged the government
C.was involved in a violent protest against the government
D.was committed to protest and conspiracy to bring down the government

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