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  Kelas : 3, Ujian Nasional (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 2008)

1.   You find this notice at the gate of a housing complex.

It means that only the ........ who own the houses at the housing complex can go there.

You and Your Partner are invited to attend
Eleanor Mc Kays's
15th Birthday in The Cocino Green House
24th January 2008 at 7:00 p.m

2.   How old will Eleanor Mc Kays be in 2016 ........

3.   When was Eleanor Mc Kays born ........
A.In 2003
B.In 2005
C.In 1993
D.In 1995

4.   The following warning means that pedestrians should ........ the grass.
A.not cut
B.not water
C.not keep
D.not walk on

                                                  Student Writing Contest

THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY invites submissions of poetry, fiction, and personal or journalistic essays for this year's Student Writing Contest.

Poetry, fiction, and personal or journalistic essays.

MANUSCRIPTS should be typewritten (one side only, please) double-spaced, and accompanied by a cover sheet with the following information: title, category, word count, author's name, address, phone number, e-mail address (if available), and academic institution. Of this information, only the title should appear on the manuscript itself.

Student Writing Contest
The Atlantic Monthly
77 N. Washington Steer
Boston, MA 02114

Source: W.W.W.theatlantic.com/about/contest.htm

5.   What is the purpose of the text ........
A.To describe the student writing contest.
B.To announce the student writing contest.
C.To amuse the students with writing contest.
D.To retell the students about writing contest.

6.   The following are required for the works that the participants should prepare, except that they are ........
C.easy to read

The warning means ........
A.it will be good if we take the picture of the sun
B.it will be better if we take the picture of other intense light sources
C.if we aim the camera directly into the sun, the sun will have a problem
D.our eyes might be in danger if the camera is aimed onto the sun or intense light resources

                         Calories per day              

8.   The text is about the number of calories that ........
A.children need per day based on their ages
B.old people have to consume daily
C.all people must burn in a day
D.the boys need in a whole day

9.   How many calories does a thirteen year old boy need per day ........

        Peter is the youngest in our family. He is fourteen years old and four years younger then me. He has long, straight hair, bright eyes and a friendly smile. Sometimes he is rather naughty at home, but he usually does what he is asked to do.
        Peter is interested in sports very much, and at school he plays football and tennis. He is the best badminton player in our family.

10.   What is the text mostly about ........
B.Peter's hobby.
C.Peter's family.
D.Peter's elder brother.

11.   From the text we know that Peter is ........
A.the writer's youngest brother
B.the writer's elder brother
C.a naughty boy
D.a friendly boy

12.   Based on the text we know that the writer is ........ years old.

13.   "Peter is interested in sports very much, and at school he plays football and tennis".
The underlined phrase can be replaced with ........
A.dislike sport
B.really likes sport
C.hates sport very much
D.finds sport not really entertaining

        Amelias house was in a quiet place. It was a hilly village, the garden of her house was very beautiful. Flowers with various colours grew there. Amelia grew some roses. She's a nature lover. One day Amelia closed her book. She felt tired after studying hard. She stood by the window. She could see the mountain from there. It was a beautiful bluish green.
        "How beautiful. How wonderful it would be if I could reach the top of that mountain without climbing."
"If you want to fly up there, follow me," said a soft voice. Amelia was surprised. "Who are you? Why did you come in without permission?"
"My name is Yuli. My home is a bit far from here. I want to be your friend, Amelia," said the girl.
"You know my name," said Amelia.
"I often hear your mother calling you," Yuli answered. She reached out her hand to Amelia. Amelia shook Yuli's hand.
"Why is your hand so cold? Are you ill?" asked Amelia, worried.
"I haven't been to school for few days," said Yuli.
"If you were sick, why aren't you in bed now?" asked Amelia.
"The fresh air will make me better, Amelia," said Yuli pulled Amelia's hand. She wanted Amelia to follow her.
"Oh, no. I cannot go now. I must do my homework."
"Okay. How about tomorrow? My mother will make some delicious cakes for me. You must taste some, Yuli," said Amelia.
"Thanks Amelia. You are so kind." Yuli waved to Amelia and then she was gone. Amelia's mother was puzzled to see her daughter talking alone.

14.   What does the story tell about ........
A.A mysterious girl.
B.Amelia's new friend.
C.A little girl in a village.
D.A quiet place in a village.

15.   The first paragraph is about ........
A.the dream of Amelia
B.the setting place of the story
C.how the story happened
D.the problem faced by Amelia

16.   What did Amelia want to do someday ........
A.To play with her new friend.
B.To fly up to the top of the mountain.
C.To introduce her friend to her mother.
D.To reach the top of the mountain by climbing.

17.   ' ........ make some delicious cakes for me.'
The word 'delicious' means ........
A.bad smell
B.nice taste
C.bitter taste
D.stale flavour

18.   Which qualification must the teacher candidate have ........

19.   The word 'Required' is similar in meaning to ........

        Mr. and Mrs. Charly were on a tour to Europe. They were travelling on a guided tour to five countries. They were going to travel through The Netherland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and France for two weeks.
        The guide for the tour was a Swiss. On the day of the travel the guide told them to check their passports, their traveler cheques, and their foreign cash. He told them to keep them safely.
        They traveled in a comfortable coach with a toilet, music, and video. The guide stopped the coach at many famous places. He explained the cultural importance of the places. They stayed in big hotels for the night and ate in the restaurants.
        On the way, they stopped at small inns to eat lunch. In big towns, they went for shopping. They bought many souvenirs for their friends. They enjoyed the two-week tour.

20.   The text is about ........

21.   Where were Mr. and Mrs. Charly touring ........

22.   The guide told them to check their immigration ........, such as passport, visa, and exit permit.

23.   What is paragraph three about ........
A.Shopping in big towns.
B.Staying in famous places.
C.Visiting interesting places.
D.Eating in big restaurants.

24.   "They enjoyed the two-week tour".
The underlined word has the same meaning as ........
A.got bored with
B.got pleasure from
C.became addicted to
D.planned well became amazed at

                                           QUININE HAIR TONIC
This hair tonic is processed from the leaves of the quinine tree to help stimulate hair growth. Apply evenly on scalp every morning or evening particularly on areas where hair is thinning and lightly massage.

25.   What does the text tell you about ........
A.Hair cut.
B.Hair style.
C.Hair dresser.
D.Hair treatment.

26.   What is the function of hair tonic ........
A.To make hair thin.
B.To massage scalp lightly.
C.To help stimulate hair growth.
D.To process the leaves of the quinine tree.

       A shepherd took his sheep out to pasture, but when it was time to return to the sheep pen, he found that some wild goats had become mixed up with his flock. Nonetheless, he was very pleased that the flock had grown by itself, and he closed the goats into the pen along with the sheep.
       The next day was rainy and the shepherd decided not to go out. He gave his sheep only a small handful of food, while he gave much bigger rations to the goats. He thought that if he treated them well, they would stay with him. In spite of this, as soon as the shepherd opened the gate, the goats ran out and he was unable to catch them again.
       "Ungrateful beasts," shouted the shepherd after them." I treated you better than the other!"
       "That's why we're going," answer one of the goats. "If you prefer us new animals to your sheep, how will you treat us if you find some more animals in your flock?"
       So do not be too happy if someone shows you that they prefer you to their old friends. You too will soon be an old friend and could be replaced just as easily.

27.   The text tells you about a shepherd, his sheep and ........
A.the pasture
B.wild goats
C.his friends
D.all beats

28.   Why was the shepherd happy one day ........
A.He found some wild goats among his sheep.
B.He could close his sheep in the pen well.
C.His lost goats returned in good condition.
D.There was a pasture for his hungry sheep.

29.   Which is the moral value you can learn from the story ........
A.Never ever trust to the new one.
B.Don't threat your friend as enemy.
C.There are not good things on the old one.
D.Don't forget the old friend if you get the new one.

30.   What is the purpose of the text ........
A.To invite someone.
B.To inform people.
C.To send a message.
D.To remind somebody.

31.   Which statement is TRUE based on the text above ........
A.Mr. Zu Bakir is the director of the International Club.
B.The invites should inform Zu Bakir about their coming.
C.Mr. Taylor is the director of the Indonesian Import Company.
D.The Indonesian Import Company is located in Hampshire England.

32.   Who are the most suitable people to drive the car ........
A.Young people.
B.Old people.

33.   How many awards did New Honda Jazz get ........

34.   " ........ New Honda Jazz is the best car that suites to every youngster.
"The word 'suites' has similar meaning to ........

Tikka Kebab
          1. Cubes of lamb                        4. Salad
          2. Squares of green pepper         5. Tikka seasoning mixture
          3. Onions
          1. Cut onions into quarters.
          2. Put cubes of lambs, squares of green pepper and onion squares on bamboo
              skewers and marinate them in Tikka seasoning.
          3. Grill them.
          4. Serve them with a salad (curry like seasoning from India).

35.   What does the writer write the text for ........
A.To inform how to serve a salad.
B.To explain how to make a salad.
C.To tell how to make Tikka Kebab.
D.To discuss how to make cubes of lamb.

36.   How many ingredients are needed to make Tikka Kebab ........

37.   What does the word 'them' in step 2 refer to ........
A.Cubes of lamb and onions.
B.Onion, bamboo skewers, and salad.
C.Squares of green pepper and onions.
D.Cubes of lamb, onions, and squares of green pepper.

Dear Emily,

        How are you doing? Remember me? We met at "Smutzer Primate Museum" in Ragunan Zoo in Jakarta last month. I am really glad that you chose my country to spend the vacation. Sorry, I cannot enclose our photos here, because you know, my youngest brother, Irfan, deleted them. I had not kept them yet in the camera. Here I give you some photos of Irfan's birthday. We celebrated it by having lunch together. You can see my big family. My mom roasted 3 big fish for us. And we had hot chili sauce or sambal to eat with that roasted fish. Hm ... yummy!
        How about your activity this semester? You're in class 11th , right? I want to know about Victoria. I want to be your pen pal, so I can improve my English, and you can improve your Bahasa Indonesia, too. Okay, that's all for the first letter. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Send my love to your mom and grandma. Bye!

                                                                                                      Your pal,

38.   The writer's purpose of writing this letter is ........
A.to get a photo
B.to have pen pal
C.to go to Victoria
D.to tell her experience

39.   Where did Mirda meet Emily ........
A.In a student's exchange program.
B.In Ragunan student's camp.
C.In Ragunan Zoo.
D.In a study tour.

40.   Where is Emily studying now ........
A.In a junior high school.
B.In a senior high school.
C.In an academy.
D.In a university.

                              What is the Significance of Rabbits' Large Ears

        A rabbit is a small furry mammal with a short tail and pointed ears. Rabbits live in burrows in the ground. Each burrow is the home of a single family. The first fossils which can be attributed to this family came from North America but now they are found in every part of the world. Compared to its small body rabbit has large-sized ears.
        A rabbit is a weak and timid animal and is always surrounded by many enemies. Therefore nature has gifted it with large ears to help it to hear even the fun of drop sound. The large area of the ear catches almost every sound wave produced in the air and transfers them into the inner ear. This makes the rabbit to detect its enemies in time and run to safety zones.
        You must have noticed that a rabbit washes its ears by repeatedly licking its forepaws and rubbing them over the surface of its ears. It does this in order to keep its ears clean, and also to take into its mouth natural oil which surrounds the ear surface. This oil is important in forming vitamin D which is necessary for the growth of healthy bones. If the rabbit is not allowed to form this, it will develop rickets.

        Shortened from: Children's Knowledge Bank. Look Out. Rohan Book Company

41.   Which part of the rabbit's body produces natural oil? Its ........

42.   What is the main idea of paragraph 2 ........
A.How enemies surround a rabbit.
B.How a rabbit detects its enemies.
C.Why a rabbit has many enemies.
D.Why a rabbit likes fighting.

43.   The purpose of the text is ........
A.to amuse the story
B.to retell rabbit's habitat
C.to describe rabbit's ears
D.to describe rabbit in general

Rino has a parrot named Coly.
It has ....(44).... feathers. They are yellow, blue, and red. Coly is very noisy ....(45).... always imitates the human voice. They has a curved bill. It also has feet with two toes pointing forward and two backward. The feet help it to ....(46).... on the branches and hold food.




47.   1. In the end, the Crow had no more cake because of her foolishness.
2. The Crow was so proud to hear this.
3. One day a hungry fox was walking alone in the jungle.
4. As soon as she opened her beak, the cake fell down.
5. The Crow had a piece of cake on her beak.
6. The cunning Fox caught the Cake happily and ran away.
7. Then she started to open her beak to sing for the Fox.
8. "Oh ... beautiful Crow! You're the best singer I've known in the world. I really want to
     hear your melodious voice. Please .... Sing me a song now!"
9. He saw a crow perch on a branch of a tree.

Which one is the best arrangement of the sentences above ........
A.3 - 5 - 2 - 8 - 4 - 9 - 1 - 7 - 6
B.3 - 5 - 7 - 8 - 2 - 9 - 4 - 1 - 6
C.3 - 8 - 2 - 5 - 9 - 7 - 6 - 4 - 1
D.3 - 9 - 5 - 8 - 2 - 7 - 4 - 6 - 1

48.   1. Why was it named like that?
2. A brontosaurus was as long as four big elephants standing in a line.
3. The man who named it thought that when such a big animal walked, it must have made
    a noise like thunder.
4. The word brontosaurus means thunder lizard.

The best arrangement of the sentences above is ........
A.4 - 2 - 1 - 3
B.2 - 4 - 1 - 3
C.3 - 4 - 1 - 2
D.1 - 4 - 3 - 2

49.   in - your - the - best - speech - on - congratulation - contest - performance!
1      2       3       4         5          6              7                  8                9
A.7 - 4 - 9 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 6 - 8
B.7 - 6 - 2 - 4 - 9 - 1 - 3 - 5 - 8
C.7 - 6 - 3 - 5 - 8 - 1 - 2 - 4 - 9
D.7 - 1 - 3 - 5 - 8 - 6 - 2 - 9 - 4

50.   meet - the library - 3 p.m. - in front of - please - at - me.
  1             2             3               4             5        6     7
A.5 - 7 - 4 - 2 - 6 - 3 - 1
B.4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 7 - 5 - 6
C.5 - 1 - 7 - 4 - 2 - 6 - 3
D.4 - 2 - 6 - 3 - 1 - 5 - 7

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