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  Kelas : 3, Ujian Nasional (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 2006)

          My Uncle Martin is my mother's elder brother. He is my favorite among my mother's brothers. He is a very interesting man. He lives quite near us with my Aunt Angela and my cousins Anne and, Bob. I often go to his house.
          He is about 45 with grey hair. He is still quite good-looking. He is tall and well-built. He has blue eyes and a strong face. He wears glasses. He is short sighted. He takes them off when he doesn't work.
          Uncle Martin is a textile engineer. He works for a big firm in the city. He travels widely in his job. He is an expert in solving problems with machines. At present, he is in the United States. He is visiting the firm's customers there.
          He is very fond of the sea. He has a boat at the seaside. He goes there, every weekend in summer to sail it. I sometimes stay with my cousins at their house on the coast. When Uncle Martin is at home, he usually takes us out in the boat.

                                                                                                Towards Synthesis

1.   Who is Uncle Martin?
A.Bob's father.
B.Anne's uncle.
C.My mother's uncle.
D.Aunt Angela's neighbour.

2.   Which paragraph talks about the physical description of Uncle Martin?

3.   How many children does Uncle Martin have?

4.   What are Miranda's hobbies?
A.Swimming and singing.
B.Swimming and planting flowers.
C.Singing, swimming and planting flowers.
D.Singing and planting flowers with her friends.

5.   Who is the second child of the family?

6.   "They all love one another."
The word "They" in the sentence refers to ........and her parent.
A.Miranda'S Sisters
B.Miranda's parents
C.Miranda's father
D.Miranda and her sisters

7.   There was no ........ in the bedroom last night. So I felt very cold.
A.bed cover

8.   Malik    :  Anyway, how is Tim now?
Yauma  :  He's better, I think.
What is the opposite of the italic ward ........

9.   Doctor           :   ........?
Patient           :   My stomach aches.
Doctor           :   Let me see.
A.What can you do for me
B.What's wrong with you
C.Why don't you take a rest
D.Why don't you see The doctor

          He is still one of the most recognizable men on earth. And decades after he burst upon the scene as a gold medal winner at the 1960 Olympics in Rome, Italy, Muhammad Ali remains ainagical figure, known and loved throughout the world.
          Ali brought new speed and grace to his sport, and his charm and wit changed forever what we expect a champion to be. His accomplishments in the ring were the stuff of legend : two fights with Sonny Liston, where he proclaimed himself "The Greatest" and proved he was three ambitious wars with Joe Frazier; the stunning victory over George Foreman in Zaire; and dethroning Leon Spinks to become heavyweight champion for the third time. But there was always far more to Muhammad Ali than what took place in a boxing ring.
          His early embrace of the Nation of Islam and his insistence on being called Muhammad Ali instead of his "slave name," Cassius Clay, introduced a new era in black pride. His refusal to be inducted into the United States army anticipated the growing antiwar movement of the 1960s. And his willingness to stage his fights in different countries such as Kinshasa, Zaire; Manila, Philippines; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; signaled a shift away from super power dominances toward a growing awareness of the importance of the third world.
          Today, Ali is a deeply religious man who causes feeling of love and respect wherever he travels.
                                                    Adapted from an official biography by Tom Hauser

10.   From the text, we know that Muhammad Ali ........
A.is a boxer
B.is not a boxer anymore
C.plays boxing so far
D.never played boxing Well

11.   Muhammad Ali boxed dramatically when he fought three times against ........
A.Sonny Liston
B.Joe Frazier
C.George Foreman
D.Esau Spinks

12.   Muhammad Ali is a man who once ........
A.became a United States Army
B.hated slave black man
C.won a gold medal in boxing
D.refused to become a boxer

13.   "His accomplishments in the ring were the stuff of legend." (paragraph 2).
The synonym of the italic word is ........

Look at the picture and complete the dialogue.
Azizah  :   Hi, Maridi How are you?
Maridi  :   Fine, did you join the study tour to Bali last month?
Azizah  :   Sure. I visited Mr. Wayan Surya. He is a ........
Maridi  :   Did he make many statues?
Azizah  :   Yes. And you know his work is so amazing.

15.   Ata   :  Summer has come. What plans have you made for the summer ........?
Ergi   :  Hiking with friends in the Himalayas.
Ata   :  For how long?
Ergi   :  We'll leave in mid June and return at the end of August.

16.   "Do you know much about computers? They are used for all sorts of things now, such as for counting things, ticketing and other things."
What does the italic word mean ........

17.   Complete the sentence based on this table.

Mr. Hadi sells ........ cars than Mr. Jack does

18.   Nurma    :   Hi, Kristin!
Kristin     :  Oh hello, Nurma. Look, this suitcase is too heavy for me. ........?
Nurma    :   With pleasure. Well, come on let's lift it up together.
A.Would you help me, please
B.How could I do it myself
C.Shall I lift it up for you
D.What can I do for you

19.   Faiz      :   What does Samsul plan to do after the coming semester test?
Wiwit   :   He ........ his school holiday with us.
C.has spent
D.will spend

20.   Complete the paragraph below.
Yemin Loyola is a Mexican girl. She ........ in Indonesia since last year.
She is here to study Indonesian culture in a private university in Central Java.
C.has been
D.have been

21.   Teacher  :  Did you enjoy your vacation, boys and girls?
Sandy     :  Yes, Sir. I ........ to Singapore.
Adnan    :   Did you?
Sandy     :  Yes.
C.will go
D.am going

          Last week my parents, sister, brother and I went to the zoo. We went there for recreation. We left at 6.00 a.m. and arrived there at 8.00 a.m. It is about a hundred kilometers to go to the zoo from my house.
          There were a lot of people watching a giant snake. The snake was there for about a week. It was 9 metres long. I thought it was the biggest snake I had ever seen. After going around and watching various animals, we went home. On the way home, we stopped at the Borobudur temple for half an hour.

22.   Which is the most suitable title for the text above ........
A.Going to The Zoo
B.Having Recreation
C.Going to Borobudur
D.Watching a Giant Snake

23.   How many people were looking at the giant snake ........
C.a few

24.   How many persons did the writer go to the zoo with ........

25.   "After going around and watching various animals, we went home." (paragraph 2) The italic word has the same meaning as ........

26.   X   :   Do you think we can save our forest?
Y   :  ........ we can, because people still keep cutting down the trees.
A.I'm not sure
B.I'm sure
C.I agree
D.I'm certain

27.   Andien    :   You'll have the audition next week, ........?
Delon      :   Yes, pray for me.
Andien    :   Good luck to you.
A.won't you?
B.will you?
C.don't you?
D.do you?

28.   What is the text about ........
A.Flight schedules
B.An advertisement
C.An estimated time of arrival
D.An estimated time of departure

29.   If you want to fly to Medan at 11.00, you can take flight ........

          Rain forests cover about 10% of the earth, but they contain 90% of the world's animals and plants. Rain forests are found in the hottest parts of the earth. They are situated in the area from the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn. This is the area on both sides of the Equator.
          These forests are called rain forests because it usually rains there everyday. The weather is always hot and humid. The main rain forests are in America, Africa, and Asia. The largest area of rain forest is Amazonia in South America. It is three times larger than the whole of Indonesia.
          Indonesia was covered by rain forests, but many of its forests have been cut down. Some its also destroyed the Indonesian forests, especially during the dry season. It is hard now to reforest the bare land.

30.   From the text we can conclude that rain forests cover ........ of the earth.
C.a small part
D.ninety percent

31.   We can find rain forests ........
A.on each equator
B.on the Tropic of Cancer
C.between the two Tropics
D.on the Tropic of Capricorn

32.   "The weather is always hot and humid." (paragraph 2)
What does the italic word mean ........

33.   Suryanto   :   Look at the waterfall over there.
Ayu          :   Wow, ........!
Suryanto   :   It's not only beautiful but also amazing.
Ayu          :   Right. I've never seen a waterfall like this before.
A.The waterfall is beautiful, isn't it
B.How is the waterfall
C.What a beautiful waterfall it is
D.What is a beautiful waterfall

Which one is the correct statement based on the pictures ........
A.Mr. Han's car is the cheapest one among the others.
B.Mr. Fred's car is more expensive than Mr. John's.
C.Mr. John's car is as cheap as Mr. Fred's.
D.Mr. Fred's car is the cheapest of all.

Teddy   :   Do you like reading newspapers?
Zeni      :  Of course. I do not only like reading newspapers but also reading magazines.
Teddy   :  What do you get from reading newspapers?
Zeni      :   I do not only get information but I also get pleasure.
Teddy   :  What newspaper do you subscribe to?
Zeni      :   "Republika". How about you?
Teddy   :   I usually subscribe to both "Newsweek" and "The Jakarta Post".
Zeni      :   Oh really? They are English news papers, aren't they?
Teddy   :  You're right. I think it is important for us to read them everyday. English
                magazines can enlarge our English vocabularies. We can get both knowledge
                and information, especially about events which happened recently. And we can
                also find advertisements for various things that we may need.
Zeni      :   I agree with you.

35.   What are they talking about ........
A.The advantages of printed media.
B.The English newspaper from Jakarta.
C.The information on a newspaper.
D.The advertisement on the magazine.

36.   What does Zeni like to read ........
C.English magazines
D.Magazines and newspapers

37.   Why does Teddy like to read Newsweek and The Jakarta Post ........
A.He likes the advertisement.
B.Teddy takes English Course.
C.Zeni asks him to read them.
D.He is good at English.

38.   What is a tool? In the broadest sense, a tool is anything to do a job. In this sense, pens and pencils are writing tools, spades and hoes are gardening tools. But usually, "tools" refers to such things as hammers, saws, and drills.
What is the main idea of the paragraph ........
A.The kinds of tools.
B.The group of tools.
C.The invention of tools.
D.The meaning of tools.

The coach of the Indonesia basketball team calls a time-out and instructs his players to change their strategy. He ....(39).... Jody to keep the ball as long as possible. Jody is good at dribbling the ball. His skill in controlling the ball is ....(40).... but he is not quite good at shooting. Togar is better at shooting and he is also the fastest player in the team. His only ....(41)....! is that he is very thin and not very strong.




42.   Fenny    :   Which newspaper is yours? This one or that one?
Yudo     :    ........of them.
Fenny    :    Are they?
Yudo     :   Yes. Because not only the Surabaya Post but also the Jakarta Post is good and
                  useful for me.

43.   Teacher   :   Now tell me what orchid you found at Senayan orchid garden?
Ega          :   I didn't find the orchid we were looking for, Sir.
Mia         : ........
Teacher   :   What? Are you kidding?
Ega         :   No, Sir.
A.so did I
B.I do too
C.I don't either
D.Neither did I

44.   1.   The destruction of the forest requires serious attention.
2.   The smoke from the fires has endangered people.
3.   But, none is effective.
4.   Not only people of Indonesia but also those from neighbouring countries.
5.   Forest fires have been a big problem in Indonesia for many years.
6.   Many efforts have been carried out to solve the problem.
Which is the best arrangement of the sentences in order to make a good paragraph ........

Arrange these sentences-based on the pictures above to make cooking instructions.
1.   Put noodles into glasses of briskly boiling water.
2.  Your delicious noodles are ready to be served.
3.  Put the seasoning, vegetables oil and chili powder in a bowl.
4.  Mix the noodles well with all of the seasoning.
5.  Cook the noodles and simmer for 3 minutes.
A.4, 3, 5, 1, 2
B.2, 1, 5, 3, 4
C.3, 5, 1, 4, 2
D.1, 5, 3, 4, 2

          I know there are many young men who would like to become astronauts, space explorers or scientists, or, at least to work in a space program. But, to do so you will have to prepare and to work hard. There is no other way.
          In the space field, mathematics and science are of the most importance. These are subjects to which future astronauts must pay special attention in school. I don't mean that the other subjects are not important. It's important to know about this world and its problems before you go off to other worlds. A strong foundation in mathematics and science is essential to be an astronaut. One cannot do without a complete understanding of nature, and of the earth. In space a slight mistake in mathematics can be fatal.
          Self control, discipline and mental strength are very important requirements for an astronaut. The good spirit of team work has to win over personal desires.

46.   Why are mathematics and science the most important subject in the space field ........
A.They are essential to an astronaut.
B.To understand completely about the nature of all subjects.
C.Both subjects are strong foundation.
D.In a space, a slight mistake in mathematics can be fatal.

47.   Besides knowledge, what is important to be an astronaut ........
A.The high mood
B.Mental strength
C.Personal desires
D.Important requirements

48.   What is the best title for the text ........
A.The Training of Astronauts.
B.The Requirements to be an Astronaut.
C.The Most Important School Subjects.
D.The Preparation of Going to the Other Space.

49.   The people here will die of hunger if the dry season ........ longer.
C.will last
D.has lasted

50.   Mother    :    Why do you come home late?
Ghifar      :    There was a school football match, Mom. ...... I watched it first with my
Mother    :   Don't do it again without telling me before.
Ghifar      :   Okay, Mom.

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