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  Kelas : 3, Ebtanas (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 2005)

          Roni and Dini study at SMP 1. Their school has a nice library. The library is not so big, but it has a lot of books, newspaper, and magazines. The book are arranged according to a system.
          The students like coming to the library. The room is air conditioned and always full of visitor. They go there to read, or borrow some books they like. They are served by Mrs. Yulia and Mr. Bahrul. These librarian have been working fo twenty years.

1.   How is the library at Dini school?
A.It is nice and very big
B.It is really nice and big
C.It is quiet and nice
D.It is not so big but nice

2.   How will the visitor feel when they are in the library ?
A.They'll feel cool
B.They will feel hot
C.they will feel very cold
D.they won't feel comfortable

3.   How are the books arranged in the library?
They are arranged ........

4.   "They are served by Mrs. Yulia and Mr. Bahrul."(paragraf 2).
What does the word "They" refer to?
A.Mrs. Yulia and Mr. Bahrul
B.Roni and Doni

                                                      A Theatre
          A theater is a place where people entertain the audience. The people who perform, called actors and actresses, act in plays on a stage. A stage can be raised platform, or it can be part of the floor in a room, either in the center of the room or against a wall. The audience, is a very important part of a theatre because it is for the audince that the actors and actresses act, and the playwright writes. Without an audience, they are only rehearsing or practising.
          A theatre can be anywhere in home, school auditorium, park and a hall. Theatre means action. In this text theatre is used in connection with performances on stage by live actors and actresses. It is living theatre.
          Theatre in the East differs greatly from that of the West. The Asian theatre is, for the most part, nonrealistic, or symbolic. Western theatre, on the other hand, tends to be realistic.

5.   What is actor?
A.A person who plays on stage
B.A person who performs and acts in plays
C.A man who acts in plays on a stage
D.A person who is playing at the theatre

6.   What is the main idea of paragraf 2?
A.School auditorium is the only theatre.
B.What a theatre is.
C.The performance of actors is theatre.
D.Theatre means action of actors.

7.   What is the difference between the Eastern theatre and the Western theatre?
A.The Eastern theatre is based on facts rather than sentiment of illusion.
B.The Western theatre is based on facts rather than Eastern theatre.
C.The Eastern theatre is better than the Western theatre.
D.The Western theatre is better than the Eastern theatre.

8.   "A theatre is a place where people entertain the audience."
The synonym of the italic word is ........

Dear Betty,
          I'm writing to you concerning of my last day in Jogya. I just got back from Borobudur, the wonderful temple I've ever seen. The weather is fine. We are now staying in a hotel. It's not far from Malioboro. We are treated well here. It has many excellent staff who serve the customers. We plan to go around Malioboro after the children take a short nap. We want to enjoy having "lesehan" there. It is a kind of a restaurant but we sit on the ground.
          Many kinds of local handicraft are sold along Malioboro street. Both domestic and foreign tourists are interested in them. I want to buy some as souvenirs.
          Don't worry, I'll also buy you the most interesting one.


9.   The text gives us information about ........
A.the wonderful Borobudur temple
B.the souvenirs to be bought
C.Dara's last day in Jogya
D.a comfortable hotel near Malioboro

10.   Who is the letter from? ........
C.The hotel staffs

11.   How do the staff serve the customers of the hotel? ........

Farmers usually start to cultivate their field in the wet season. Before cultivating, they prepare their ....(12).... like hoes, sickles, rakes and ploughs. They also prepare their cows or buffaloes. The cows or buffaloes are very important for farmers to pull the ....(13).... to cultivate the rice field. It is a ....(14).... way.




15.   The advertisement above tells us about ........
A.a travel agent
B.a holidays package tour
C.a transportation number
D.a transportation company

16.   The company will take the passengers to some cities in ........ islands.

17.   Where can we rent the Black Bird buses? ........

18.   'For further information, call 8802309'
The italic word means ........

Read the follwoing graph.

19.   The graph tells us about ........
A.indoor children activities
B.outdoor children games
C.characteristic of games
D.games for children

20.   The most popular games based on the diagram is ........
A.snakes and ladders
B.hide and seek
C.kite flying

21.   Iqbal  : Hello, I am Iqbal.
Hadi   : Oh, hi, I'm Hadi. How do you do?
Iqbal  : ........?
A.Fine, thank you
B.Nice to meet you
C.How do you do
D.I'm quite alright

22.   Fadilla : Whose bag is that?
Zahra  : Which one?
Fadilla : The new one on the table.
Zahra  : Oh, it's mine.
The antonym of the italic word is ........

23.   Ninda : Have you met the new student?
Citra   : Yes, I have. He ........ speak english well.
Ninda : Really?
Citra   : Yes, he's been in Australia for about five years.

24.   Mother  : Have you written a letter for your cousin, Rina?
Rina      : Yes, I have.
Mother  : When did you write it?
Rina      : I ........ it last night.
B.will write
D.am writing

25.   Sella    : My uncle bought me two t-shirt and I want to give you one.
Bestha : Oh, thank you very much. How kind of you.
Sella    : Don't mention it. But ........ one do you want? The red one or the blue one?
Besthe : The red one, please.

26.   buying - did not - clothes - money - much - we - spend - for.
The best arrangement of the world to make a good sentences is ........
A.6 - 2 - 7 - 5 - 4 - 8 - 1 - 3
B.3 - 2 - 1 - 6 - 7 - 5 - 2 - 8
C.6 - 2 - 7 - 5 - 3 - 1 - 4 - 8
D.3 - 2 - 5 - 1 - 6 - 7 - 4 - 8

Rio    : What do you think of show?
Rudi  : Fantastic. Especially the ........ She is so talented.
Rio    : I agree. She is still young, but she is very professional.
Rudi  : She'll be very famous in the future, I think.

28.   Alex  : You look fit. Do you always go to a fitness centre?
Rudy : Not really. I haven't got much time, but every morning I go jogging.
Alex  : I see. That's why you're so fit.
Rudy : That's correct.
If you want to stay fit you should exercise ........

29.   Susi   : It's good to hear that you've moved to a new house.
Carol : Thank you. I am very happy with it.
           There are ........ rooms than the old ones.
Susi   : How many rooms are there?
Carol : 3 bedrooms, 1 dining room, 1 kitchen, 1 family room, 1 living room
           and 3 bathrooms, including toilets. The old one just had two bedrooms.
C.as many as
D.not so many as

30.   Mother    : How are you feeling, dear?
Daughter  : I am feeling better, Mom.
                  I have had a blood test.
Mother    : Have you got the result?
Daughter  : Not yet. Dr. Henry ........ me when it's ready.
B.will tell
C.is telling

31.   Dian : Welcome home. How was your holiday?
Tari : It was wonderful. I really enjoyed it. I spent two days in the Blue Mountains.
         It's very beautiful there.
Dian : I ........ there twice. I plan to go there again next year.
Tari : Me too.
A.have been
B.will be

32.   Santi  : Would you like to buy some sugar for me, please?
Santo : ........ I can't. I'm in a hurry.  
Santi  : It is O.K then. I will buy it myself.
A.Of course
B.I'm sure
C.I don't know
D.I'm really sorry

33.   Nina    : Why didn't you come to my birthday party yesterday?
Damar : My brother had an accident. He was hit by a car.
Nina    : Oh, my God ........
A.I'm glad to hear that,
B.I'm sorry to hear that
C.I'm disappointed to hear that
D.I'm really happy to hear that

34.   Wulan : ........ you can do the test well.
Renny : Thank you. Wish me luck.
A.I hope
B.I doubt
C.I'm curious
D.I'm not sure

35.   Dimas  : How ........ is Timothy?
Samuel : He is 170 cm.

36.   Publishing schedule.

The table shows that 'Hello' is published ........ a month.
C.three times
D.four times

37.   1. Next, please stand in line to wait your turn.
2. There are many steps to cash your savings in a bank.
3. Fill in the form you have got.
4. Finally, come to the teller to cash your savings account.
5. First of all, get the form provided by the bank.
A.2 - 3 - 1 - 4 - 5
B.5 - 3 - 1 - 4 - 2
C.2 - 5 - 3 - 1 - 4
D.5 - 2 - 3 - 1 - 4

38.   Ari : She usually travels by train, ........
Adi : Yes. She prefers to go by train to bus because it's more comfortable.
A.doesn't she?
B.does she?
C.is she?
D.won't she?

39.   Didi   : Excuse me, I am looking for
Wida : Do you know her?
Devy : Yes, I do. She used to live next door, but I haven't seen her for a long time.
           I ........ she is still here.
Didi   : Do you know how to find her?
Devy : I am sorry. I've no idea.
B.am sure
D.am certain

40.   Mother : You know that Tamara always takes sleeping pills to solve her problems.
Father   : That's wrong. It can be dangerous for her life if she doesn't change
               her bad habit. She should go to a specialist or share her problems with
               someone she trusts.
The italic expression expresses ........

41.   Let me tell you about a cute animal which can live in both places, in water and on land. This kind of animal is often used for experiments.

The animal being described is picture number ........

Based on the pictures above, the binoculars are ........
A.cheaper than the suitcase
B.the same price as the knap-sack
C.the most expensive among them
D.less expensive than the knap-sack

43.   Cici   : I can't find my Biology book. Does ........ know where it is?
Betty : Eko came here just now and took the book. He is going to get it in the afternoon. Cici   : I see.

44.   Mini : Wow, ........
Lili   : Yes, this is also the fastest cruise. It is called "quick cat"
Mini : How long does it take to get to Lembongan island?
Lili   : Only 45 minutes.
A.what's a ship.
B.what a fast cruise it is!
C.what a boring cruise is!
D.what a luxurious cruise ship it is!

45.   Christ : Excuse me, I must go to bed now.
Steve : Why? It's only a quarter to nine.
Christ : Well, ........ I don't want to come late for the conference tomorrow morning.
            Good night.
Steve : Have a good sleep.

46.   Arrange the following sentences into a good paragraph.
1. School buses are often recognizable by their orange-yellow colour.
2. They are school buses and commercial buses.
3. Commercial buses may serve routes which are not accessible by other forms
    of public transit.
4. It is used to transport students to and from school.
5. Generally, there are two kinds of buses.
The best arrangement is ........
A.5 - 2 - 4 - 1 - 3
B.5 - 2 - 3 - 1 - 4
C.5 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 1
D.5 - 2 - 1 - 4 - 3

47.   Read the following paragraph and complete it with the appropriate sentence.

........We went to the last show at nine o' clock. The horses performed first. The animals were trained by a young man dressed in green with a long, cracking whip. The horses danced when the band started to play to entertain everyone. Which is the most suitable sentence to complete the paragraph?
A.We went to the show at seven o'clock.
B.My brother and I went to the horses show last month.
C.My family went to a circus a few months ago.
D.It was already ten o' clock.

48.   Denta : Wow! You have so many magazines. Have you read them all?
Dea    : Yes, I have.
Denta : They seem interesting. Do they have good articles?
Dea    : Yes! ........ of the articles are quite good.

49.   Mr. Bambang : Are you interested in reading international
Mr. Budi        : Yes, I'm very interested in it.
Mr. Bambang : Do you read "Time" or "News Week?"
Mr. Budi        :  ........
A.Not only "Time" but also "News Week" I read.
B.I read not only "Time" but also "News Week".
C.I not only read "Time" but also read' "News Week".
D.Not only read "Time" but also I read "News Week".

50.   Nindi   : Can you mention some people working on newspapers?
Nanda : Yes. Among them are journalists, editors, caricaturist, and columnists.
Nindi   : I see. And can you tell me who edits the articles, before they are printed out? Nanda : The editor ........

51.   Dona : How did Mirna swim in the swimming contest?
Dodi  : She swam quickly.
Dona : Really? How about Vera?
Dodi  : She swam quicker than Mirna.
Dona : And Rosa?
Dodi  : Oh, she swam ........of all. So that, she became the best swimmer in her class.
C.the slowest
D.the quickest

52.   Ari     : Mom, may I climb the starfruit tree to pick its fruit?
Mom : But the fruits are still unripe.
Ari     : The ones on the right branch are ripe, Mom.
Mom : OK, but ........! Usually, there are many caterpillars on the starfruit tree.
Ari     : Thank you, Mom.
A.don't move
B.watch out Mr.
C.don't come any closer
D.be careful

53.   Mr. Chan : Have you been to "Mecca"?
Mr. Jaya  : Yes. What about you?
Mr. Chan : ........ I went there in 2002.
A.I did too
B.neither have I
C.So have I
D.So did I

54.   Mr. Chaniago  : Welcome to Jakarta!
Mr. Bill           : Thanks. It's a terrific city.
Mr. Chaniago  : Yes. It's the busiest city in Indonesia. By the way ........ I will
                         take you round the city this afternoon.
Mr. Bill           : Great I'd love to I want to see the Miniature Park of Indonesia and
                        the National Monument.
A.because you are not tired
B.if you are not tired
C.if you are tired
D.after you take a bath

55.   Which of the following sentences is grammatically correct? ........
A.Roses are beautiful and jasmines are too.
B.Does "kangkung" grows well on the water!
C.Cactus can not grow in a pot and asparagus can, too.
D.A lizard don't bite and a iguana doesn't either

56.   Gandhi : ........
Lala     : Yes, thank you. Can you lift this suitcase?
Gandhi : Sure.
A.Who can help me?
B.Can you help me?
C.Would you like any help?
D.Why do you need any help?

57.   What does the passage tell us about? ........
A.A band show
B.Entrance tickets
C.Ticket sellers
D.Ticket price

58.   When will the show be held? ........
A.In the morning
B.In the afternoon
C.At midday
D.In the evening

59.   There will be ........ entertainers performing on stage.

60.   "We present the most famous singers."
The italic word refers to ........
A.the readers
B.the writer
C.the singers
D.the organizer

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