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  Kelas : 3, Ebtanas (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 2003)

Hello, my name is Magic Sloanne. I live with my cousins, Donny and Bryan, at 60 Hyde Park Street. It is near Lakeland Street. This is my new neighbour. His name is Vicky Martinez. He lives on the same street as I live. I like have a friend like him because he is very clever and kind.

1.   Where does Vicky live?
A.Near Hyde Park Street
B.On Lakeland Street
C.On Hide Park Street
D.Near Lakeland Street

2.   Who is Magic Sloanne?
A.Donny's brother
B.Bryan's nephew
C.Vicky's cousin
D.Bryan's cousin

3.   "........... because he is very clever and kind." (line 4)
What does he refer to?
C.Magic Sloanne
D.Vicky Martinez

4.   Librarian : Your library card, please?
Student : Oops. ... I forgot to bring it.
Librarian : So, you can't borrow this book.
A.How come
B.I'm sad
C.I'm sorry
D.With my pleasure

5.   Mr. Ali         : It was such a good presentation. Who is she?
Mr. Burhan  : That's. my new secretary.
Mr. Ali         : Tell me more about her.
Mr. Burhan  : Well, she is not only smart but also... 3 languages very well.
A.will speak
B.has spoken
C.can speak
D.is speaking

6.   Mother   : What are you looking for?
Son        : Some food. I am starving.
Mother   : It's in the fridge.
Son        : ........ nothing left, Mom.
A.There are
B.There is
C.There isn't
D.There aren't

7.   Susanti     : Can I have some apples, please?
Salesman : ........do you want?
Susanti    : The Australian ones, please!
A.How many
B.How much

8.   Rinto : Hello, I'm back.
Mother : Oh hi, nice to see you again. How was your camping?
Rinto : It was great. It was an exciting experience.
Mother : I'm happy to hear that.
A.We're enjoying it.
B.We're going to enjoy it.
C.We really enjoyed it.
D.We have been enjoying it.

9.   Rini : How much water do you need to water the flowers?
Putri : Only some... My garden is not as large as yours.

Son       : Father, I have a sore throat. I cannot swallow the food.
Father   : Have you taken medicine? Son . Yes, but it doesn't get better.
Father   : Now you should go to a doctor. Son . No, I am afraid of a doctor.
Father   : But why?
Son       : I don't want to be injected.
Father   : But you have to:
               Now ask Mother to take you to a doctor.

10.   Why can't the boy swallow the food ?
A.He has asore throat.
B.His throat is bleeding
C.He has a stomachache.
D.His throat is closed

11.   What does his father suggest his son to do?
A.To drink medicine.
B.To visit a doctor.
C.To swallow medicine.
D.To stay at home.

12.   From the dialogue we know that Father and his son are at ........
A.a hospital
C.a doctor's room

13.   Why do you think the son is afraid of being injected?
A.Because of the syringe.
B.Because of the frightening doctor
C.Because he wants to get better.
D.Because an injection is dangerous.

14.   "Father, I have a sore throat" (line one).
The underline word in the sentence means the ........ the mouth.
A.back part of
B.front of
C.passage in
D.side part of

15.   Tono : Oh, my stomach hurts.
           Can you get me "Diatabs", please? It is on the table.
Tina  : ........Here it is.
Tono : Thank you
A.Of course you are
B.I doubt
C.Never mind

16.   Tri    : Hi Reza. Have you got any plans an Sunday?
Reza : Yes, I'm going to go to the bookshop, and you?
Tri    : Hm. I ........ my favourite tailor tomorrow. I want to have a pair of trousers sewn.
B.will visit
D.have visited

17.   Dinda     : What about my new dress, Mother?
Mother   : Don't worry. Your father ... a lovely evening dress for you.
Dinda     : Really? Why didn't he tell me?
Mother   : It will be a surprise, won't it?
A.haven't bought
B.has bought
C.isn't buying
D.was buying

          Many people like to live in a city although it is often very crowded. There are many jobs available. Therefore, it is easier to plan for a living. There are also more opportunities for education and recreation. If people are sick, there is always a hospital or a clinic nearby. There are markets, supermarkets or department stores that people can choose to go shopping. In addition, all means of transportation are available. People can go by bus, taxi, train or plane. For these reasons people prefer living in a city to a village.
         Some other people prefer living in a village to a city. A village is not very crowded and noisy. People do not have to rush to work. They may to whatever they want. They do not have.to,got to school for a long period of time. They go to Elementary School just to be able to read and write. This is enough for them to survive. They so not care much about time. Today and tomorrow are just the same for them. Living naturally like this is enjoyable foi them.
          However, not every villager enjoys the natural life. Some of them find that rural life is quite backward. They want to improve their lives. They move to big cities to start a new life. Of course, some of them are successful, but many of them are not. For those who are not successful living in a big.city like Jakarta is really terrible. They are jobless and homeless because they do not have skills needed in urban areas. They live in the slums of the city.

18.   Where do many people like to live?
A.In a city
B.In a village
C.In a countryside
D.Near the rural area

19.   What is the main idea of paragraph 1
A.Living in a city is very crowded
B.The reasons why people prefer living in a city.
C.Many jobs are available in cities.
D.Means of transportation in a city.

20.   People like to live in a city because ........
A.it is often very busy.
B.It is easy to earn a living.
C.there are a lot of shopping centres.
D.all facilities are available there

21.   Most villagers enjoy ........
A.their hometown
B.the natural food
C.natural life
D.the easy life

22.   "Some of them find the rural life is quite backward." (paragraph 3). The word them refers to ........
C.rural lives
D.natural lives

23.   Carla     :   What do you plan to do next Sunday?  
Sherly    : Nothing. What about you?
Carla     : I .... the zoo. Can you join me?
Sherly    : Sure. Thank you.
B.am going to visit
D.have visited

24.   X : Have you been to the BOA bank?
Y : Yes, why?
X : ........ is the service?
Y : It's satisfying.
A.How brave
B.How good
C.How long
D.How high

25.   Dinda     : There's West Life show in Senayan.
                ........ to see it, Mom?
Mother   : I'm afraid not. It will be very crowded. And it's dangerous for a young girl
                like you.
A.Do you go
B.Did I go
C.Can I go
D.Will you go

26.   How many people have seen the film at Atrium in three months?

27.   Which cinema has the least audience?
B.Plaza Senayan

28.   Yani    :  Where are you going next holiday?
Didin  : ........ yet, but I might go to Solo.
A.I don't doubt
B.I'm ready
C.I'm not sure
D.I don't believe

29.   X   :   Is Puncak Pass resort near here?
Y   :   Yes, it is
Z   :   ........ It's about 100 kilometers from here.
X  :   Oh, really?
A.I disagree with you.
B.I quite agree
C.I think so too
D.It certainly is

30.   Look at the pictures!
According to the pictures, the refrigerator is ........
A.as expensive as the computer
B.more expensive than the television
C.much cheaper than the television
D.the most expensive of all

31.   Guest           :  there is a vacant room, ........
Receptionist :  Single room only, sir.
Guest           : That's okay. I'll take it
A.aren't they?
B.are they?
C.isn't there?
D.is it?

32.   These young people are going abroad, too. But they are- not going on a package holiday. Aixi their holiday will not be very expensive, either. They will probably walk most of the way. Sometimes they will get "lifts" in lorries or car. The will stay in youth hostels. Sometimes the will even sleep in park or fields.
What the main idea of the paragraph?
A.How most young people spend their holiday.
B.Young people like going abroad for a holiday.
C.Most young people like going everywhere.
D.These young people are going abroad.

33.   Santy    : Nobody can buy the computer. It's ........ expensive for us
Bella     : I know, but remember we badly need it, don't we?
Santy    : That's right but let's try to get the cheap one.
B.a bit

34.   Laila       :  I dropped by Mr. Alfa's house but I met ... there.
Pesta      :  Did anybody tell you where he went?
Laila       : No.
D.no one

35.   Choose the right order of the following sentences.
1. It takes place within three or more days.
2. The more important the person who dies, the more buffaloes they kill.
3. It is carried out in honour; of the dead person.
4. One of the Torajan traditions in the funeral
5. It is done by slaughtering a water buffalo.
A.2, 5, 4, 3,1
B.2, 3, 5, 4, 1
C.4, 3, 1, 5, 2
D.4, 3 ,5, 2, l

36.   Ulfa       :  Look at the interior of the bus, Unang!
Unang   :  Wow! ........ The fare must be expensive.
A.What a comfortable bus it is!
B.What kind of bus it is!
C.What is the price of the bus!
D.How expensive the bus is!

The Manager                                                                 July 12, 2002
JI. Merdeka, 54

Dear Sir,

I am one of the customers of your flight company. Through this letter, I would like to tell you something. This is about the services of your company.

Last Monday, I flew to Medan on the flight number GA 116, on the schedule board,
it is stated that the plane would depart at 70.00 a.m. But fact, I had to wait for an hour before taking off. It has happened many times; because of that I was late to
attend an important meeting at my office in Medan.

You have to pay deeply attention to my letter. Do you best for your customers. I am sure that you realize how important the customers are for your company. I do hope
that you will consider this letter.
                                                                                    Your faithfully,

37.   What is the letter about?
A.Complying about the service
B.Informing about the meeting
C.Replying the complaint
D.Asking for information

38.   Why was the writer late for meeting? Because ........
A.the flight to Medan was delayed
B.he didn't knows the time
C.he attended another activity
D.he forgot the flight schedule

39.   Which is NOT TRUE. about the writer according to the letter?
A.His office is in Medan
B.He wrote a letter to the manager
C.He didn't feel disappointed with the services
D.He realizes how important the customers are

40.   The letter tells us that the writer ........
A.Was happy with the service
B.Attracts the manager's attention
C.Didn't like the customers
D.Used garuda to Medan many times

41.   Rini   :    Did you see the play in the cultural night?
Bella :    Yes, I did. But the story was boring and the actors were not good.
Rini   :   ........ you did not watch the play up to the end and went home
Bella :    You're right.
C.though ,
D.however -

Andi   : I'm sorry to bother you, but may I read your newspaper.
Pedro : Certainly, please do. Here you are.
Andi   : Thank you. By the way do you buy it everyday?
Pedro : No, I ....(42).... to it. I can save 35%..
Andi   : What about the magazine? I mean what magazine do you read?
Pedro : Film magazine. It is ....(43)....  weekly.



44.   Rinto : The plant is lack of water
Anti   : I agree with you. It is. ........ for the tree, to produce fruits.

45.   Sandra: Oh, it's beautiful flower! May I go to the garden, please?
Tyas : Certainly, but ........! You mustn't pick up any flowers or you'll be fined.
B.Watch them
C.Be careful
D.Find out

46.   Sari    : Can we eat these berries?
Indah  : Yes, we can. Like the red berries, black berries are edible
Sari    : Have you ever tasted them?
Indah  : No, I haven't, and you?
Sari    : I haven't ........

47.   Yuni     : Mom, is an ostrich a bird?
Mother : Yes, it is.
Yuni     : It can't fly, can it?
Mother : No, it can't. Most birds can fly ........ an ostrich can't.

48.   X : What do the Olympic Games consist of?
Y : The summer games and the winter games ........ are held every four years.
C.not only
D.none of

The diagram above,  shows that the Indonesian population ........
A.has been progressing steadily since 1997
B.has been decreasing steadily since 1997
C.has increasing tremendously
D.increasing quickly in 2000

50.   A : The Thai football players looked so confident when they were facing the Indonesian
      football team at Sea Games events last years. What do you think about that?
B : They looked like that because they were so sure that they could play ...... attractively,
     and more cooperatively than the Indonesian team and they could win the match.

51.   It belongs to reptile; it has four legs.
It uses its tail as weapon when it fights.
It is originally from one of the islands of the Indonesian Archipelago.
People call its name the same as its place of origin.
What animal is it?

52.   Yuni : Will you come to the meeting?
Bob : I don't know. I can't make up my mind
         What's the topic. we're going to talk about?
Yuni : Water supplies for our village. It's interesting I think, isn't it?
Bob : Okay then, I will come if it ........
A.Doesn't rain
B.Didn't rain
C.Isn't raining
D.Hasn't rained

53.   Anto : Indonesia has to import rice next year.
Mike : How come? Indonesia is an agricultural country.
Anto : There are some reasons for that.
Mike : Like what?
Anto : The harvest failed ........ natural disasters occurred.

54.   What is the type of the text?
A.An advertisement
B.An announcement
C.A notice
D.A letter

55.   Lake Hotel has the following facilities, except ........
A.children playground
B.tennis court

56.   Which is NOT TRUE according to the text above?
A.Lake Hotel has function and conference rooms.
B.People can have Chinese food at Palm Hotel
C.Both hotels are located in Medan.
D.Lake Hotel is very far from Lake Toba

57.   "We're waiting for you" (see Lake Hotel)
The word you in the sentences refers to ........
A.the writers
B.the readers
C.the visitors
D.the owners

58.   Where will we go if we want to see the dance?
A.Symphony Hall
B.Carniege Hall
C.Movie land
D.Eastside Cinema

59.   How many times a week jazz music is performed on the pier?
A.Six times
B.Five times
C.Four times
D.Three times

60.   What is the text about ?
A.Movie stars
B.Art and leisure guide
C.Traveling guide
D.Spending the night

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